Shark shark shark (bebemochi) wrote,
Shark shark shark


Already, I unfriended and chose to stop patronizing my hair stylist, because she came out adamantly supporting Chik-Fil-A because they were "family-oriented," despite their patent opposition to a type of family I know to be just as stable and moral as any "Biblical" family I'm aware of.

I am stuck in the middle of a contract with a house painter who has also professed her love of Chik-Fil-A in the most basic sense, in that, "their chicken sandwiches are good!" In other words, a greasy chicken sandwich is more important to her than the human rights of a certain section of the population.

I am frustrated that, in a diluted way, some of MY money might go to Chik-Fil-A which then goes to certain hate organizations.

Brian is not getting my concern and is talking about hiring her to retile the bathroom. I will stand my ground and say NO.

Admittedly, there are going to be times, like this time, where I either didn't know a contractor's stance on certain issues prior to hiring them, or they may hold positions contrary to my own and I never find out -- But I know now! And gay marriage is NOT A POLITICAL ISSUE. IT IS A HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE. I DO NOT COMPROMISE ON HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUES.

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