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Shark shark shark

The break-in today

The short version: Two guys broke into my house today while I was there alone with Max. I shouted at them and they ran away without taking anything. Nobody was hurt, but I was scared and it sucked a lot.

The long version: At about 12:30 pm today, I was nursing Max. Someone rang my doorbell two or three times, followed by very loud and insistent pounding on the door. I was going to ignore it, but the final volley sounded like some kind of emergency, so I got up to investigate. No one was on my porch anymore. I went to see if they'd gone to the sunroom door on the side of the house (friends and family know this is the door Brian and I usually use) when I heard a loud bang upstairs.

In my house, there is a set of outdoor stairs that leads to a door that enters Max's nursery (the house used to have separate apartments upstairs) -- it sounded like the bang came from there. I went to the foot of the indoor stairs. When I heard voices upstairs, I shouted "HEY." Then I heard someone run back down the outside stairs. I called 911.

The 911 dispatcher stayed on the line with me for about 15 minutes, until a police officer came to the house. I went to the front room and looked out -- there were probably about 3 - 5 police cars going around the block. The dispatcher told me they were chasing a suspect. An officer came, took my statement, and checked out the damage. Fortunately, the door was unharmed (it was brand new), but the frame was busted. There was a big footprint on the outside of the door where it'd been kicked in. The officer told me that there were two guys involved, a young white kid and a young black kid. They'd caught the white kid, but his footprint didn't match what was on my door.

It turns out my across-the-street neighbor had seen these kids hanging around suspiciously and called 911 before I had. One kid was messing around upstairs and the other was keeping watch. These kids had tried and failed to break into another house down the street. They were clearly just looking for an easy target. The police didn't find the black kid, but they did find pot in the white kid's pocket. He's 18, so he's going to big boy jail regardless of the B&E.

The whole time this was going on, Max was fast asleep against my chest, zipped up in my fleece. He didn't even wake up when I was crying on the phone to the 911 dispatcher. It'll be funny to tell him one day that he slept through a police investigation.

Brian came home to take care of us as soon as I was able to get in touch with him. He called a security company and bought us a system on the spot. They're installing it tomorrow at 8 am. Prompt! But that's comforting. The upstairs door still locks. Brian plans to go to Home Depot this weekend and investigate some flood lighting for those outside stairs -- if we had motion sensor lights there, we would know when someone goes up those stairs at night, because they're right next to our bedroom windows. Brian and I are a little bit upset still, but we're more frustrated than anything else right now. But this is why we have an emergency fund, I guess.

I guess I also now know why we've been visited by no fewer than three door-to-door salespeople offering security systems. Perhaps next time we'll take the hint.
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