Shark shark shark (bebemochi) wrote,
Shark shark shark

Too many of my coworkers are on Facebook.

We are NOTHING if we are not FREE!
Our soldiers are fighting for our right to RISE!
They are fighting for our right to QUESTION!
They are fighting for our right to PROTEST!
They are fighting for our right to burn a flag to make a point, to write a Congressman, to disallow dictators from taking office, to hold a sign in a street without getting struck or gassed, to tell this establishment they are WRONG, to demand equality even if it is not the statis quo, to demand equality for our FAMILY, for our FRIENDS, for our NEIGHBORS, for any and all who qualify as LOVED ONES!
Saying we disrespect our Soldiers by questioning the War on Terror is saying that their fight for our FREEDOM TO PROTEST is moot! Only a DICTATOR would demand 100% acceptance of a war! Do I have the right to disagree, or don't I? Do you fight for my right to disagree, or DON'T YOU?
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