Shark shark shark (bebemochi) wrote,
Shark shark shark

I think Momo and Zoku are haunting our house... they always loved to hide rubbery things, like duckies and dog chew toys. This morning, all of Max's medicine droppers and extra pacifiers had disappeared from the cup where we keep them in the kitchen. Ghost ferrets?

But seriously, y'all. I think we may have a raccoon or something. About six cooked hamburger patties disappeared from a plate we'd left next to the stove recently, too. Brian and I convinced ourselves we'd accidentally thrown them out. I feel sort of icky because we ate the ones that our mystery guest didn't take -- I don't like thinking about grubby raccoon hands all over something I've eaten, but I like the idea of sticky possum hands or a nasty rodent's mouth even less.

I am puzzled, but I've decided to laugh about it rather than cry about it.

I am just mad I have to go buy more pacis. Whatever took them only left us two -- the one in Max's mouth, and one in the dishwasher. Any parent knows this is a precarious situation.
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