Shark shark shark (bebemochi) wrote,
Shark shark shark

"Boshane" or exploded?

Maybe someone on my friends list knows. I was watching "Oddities" on Discovery and one of the people created an "exploded" skull. He called the process "Boshane" and said it was named for a person. I must have the wrong spelling because I can't find out more. Any thoughts?
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December 24 2010, 02:47:09 UTC 6 years ago

It's great when two people watching the exact same show in different parts of the world can both wonder the same thing and help each other out--

I too was curious, spelled it the exact same way as you did, didnt find the answer but came across your question. Sometimes you've just got to expand your search to be a little more vague and scroll through some answers-- I used "assembled exploded head" after my boshane search failed, and I came across "Beauchene Skull"
Hey, thanks, anon!


January 13 2011, 06:46:44 UTC 6 years ago
Very cool! Thank you!



February 8 2011, 15:23:52 UTC 6 years ago

its spelled Beauchene



March 1 2011, 03:38:43 UTC 5 years ago

Hey! I had the exact same question from the same show! I googled it and this is what popped up :P
Ducky mentioned a Beauchene skull on NCIS last week, and so I googled "Boshane skull". This was the top result. Helpful, thank guys! :)